Do Rabbits Attract Insects, Flies, Bugs, Spiders, Ants & Others?

Rabbits Eat Insects?

Rabbits can attract a number of insects and bugs to their environment, which may cause concern for attentive rabbit owners. Flies, ants, earwigs, beetles, and even spiders may find their way to your rabbit’s hutch, drawn in by things like food debris, damp fur, and hiding spots. While most of these insects pose minimal risk, some can irritate, bite, or spread dangerous parasites to pet rabbits if left unchecked.

Rabbits & Sand: 20 Common Questions Answered

Rabbits & Sand

Thinking of using sand for your rabbit? Get expert answers to the 20 most common questions rabbit owners have about sand safety, recommended types, digging behaviors, proper setup, sanitation, health risks, and alternatives. This complete guide helps you provide enriching sand habitats safely.